Immcantation Tutorials

Each tool in the framework has its own documentation site, with detailed usage information and examples. A good starting point to familiarize yourself with the framework is to follow one the tutorials listed here.

Introductory Webinar and Jupyter Notebook

For a detailed use example for each Immcantation tool see the Jupyter notebook from our introductory webinar in the repository. If you don’t want to execute the Jupyter notebook yourself, you can explore a website version of it here. Introduction to B cell repertoire analysis using the Immcantation framework covers:

  • V(D)J gene annotation and novel polymorphism detection

  • Inference of B cell clonal relationships

  • Diversity analysis

  • Mutational load profiling

  • Modeling of somatic hypermutation (SHM) targeting

  • Quantification of selection pressure

Single-cell Analysis

For information on how to process 10x Genomics VDJ data to be analyzed with Immcantation, we offer an introductory tutorial for new users:

We also demonstrate an enhanced analysis by integrating 10x BCR and 10x GEX data in this jupyter notebook.

Video presentations

Link to Immcantation's YouTube Channel

You can watch presentations by Immcantation developers and users in Immcantation’s YouTube channel.